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Enter a brief description of your dispute, who it’s with, and your ideas for resolution. The responding party will be invited to participate.

Mediation Brisbane
Mediation Brisbane
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Should both parties wish to proceed with Family Resolve, we will appoint an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to manage your dispute resolution process.

Mediation Brisbane
Mediation Brisbane
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Our online mediation room supports video and audio, as well as document sharing.

Mediation Brisbane

Step 1: Begin Resolution

First, you must submit your details and those of the other party involved in the dispute.

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Secondly, we ask you to provide a brief summary of your case, to indicate what the issues in dispute are and what needs and concerns you wish to address. Family Resolve uses this summary to appoint the most appropriate Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP). We have FRDP’s accredited with social-psychological, financial and / or legal backgrounds. You will be given the opportunity to provide information to support your perspective.

Thirdly, you agree to appoint Family Resolve, to manage and appoint your mediator in your conflicting issues. Besides agreeing on a date and time for the mediation session(s), little more is required to participate. Preparation materials will be sent to you prior to your mediation session occurring so that you can maximise your mediation session. An intake session with each party will also occur prior to the mediation session commencing.

A PC or Mac with a good internet connection is required for the mediation session, video camera / webcam, a microphone and speakers.  (The use of a headset is optional but recommended.)

Step 2: Organisation of the session

Mediation BrisbaneA Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) will be appointed to assess the suitability of your matter for family dispute resolution via Family Resolve. We will ask each party to complete our intake processes and we will contact you to discuss progress once both parties agree to proceed. All initial correspondence will occur via e-mail.

We will contact the other party. The other party is invited to participate in this process.

Upon confirmation that both parties wish to proceed, your Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner will arrange a convenient date and time, including after hours and weekends for your convenience to conduct your 3 hour online mediation session.

Step 3: The Mediation session online

On the agreed date and time, both parties and the mediator log into the mediation session, via a link emailed to you, and participate in a live three-party videoconferencing session. After an explanation, discussion and signed acceptance of the mediation agreement as well as discussion around the underlying regulations, the mediation session (s) can start.

During the mediation process, we discuss the living with and time with arrangements between the parties and the children, division of assets/liabilities and any other financial situation or issues. The mediator has the technical capability to allow both parties equal speaking time, to mute a party, so the other party can speak uninterrupted, as well as to hide participant’s visual web-cams. Everything discussed during the session remains confidential.

Once an agreement is reached, both parties can accept and sign their parenting arrangements and property settlements at the conclusion of the session.